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My experience with the slider
06-27-2020, 08:22 AM (This post was last modified: 06-27-2020 08:29 AM by MisterMaker.)
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RE: My experience with the slider
The real issue I had with the gears is that gears don't 100% lock-up so when I was using the slider not perfectly straight it could wobble in the gears.
It would be way better to make fishbone gears, the 3D printer wouldn't mind printing fishbone gears or normal so that would be the same. But a belt has 0 slack and is way compacter for the same gear ratio.
I really wanted to mount a tripod head and the big bearing fits nicely under it, I see no reason to use bearings on the side, for now.
I do have my bearing not fixed properly. This is also the case in JJ design and I did the same mistake. It's an easy fix in CAD but I have to dismantle the carriage again.

Still the biggest noise I have is a wobble, I think it is the 3D printed wheels. Still waiting on that package with the normal wheels. It's waiting customers clearing...
On the 20x20 or 20x40 I don't know, extra weight would be good, since it vibrates pretty easy now. But I don't see any bending.

Check my latest design here:
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