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My experience with the slider
06-27-2020, 03:58 AM
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RE: My experience with the slider
(06-18-2020 09:03 AM)MisterMaker Wrote:  
(06-17-2020 11:48 PM)Charliebrm Wrote:  Hi MisterMaker. I think you are providing a lot of positive direction to getting these units up to par. Thank you.
I can source an assembled 4 wheel carriage plate locally that will make for a sturdy moving base on a 20x20 extrusion. I will still need to print out a new turntable and gear/belt drive assembly so I will be following this thread, hoping STL files come of it.

I have the original 2 rod design and it's on hold until I can figure out this sturdier retrofit.

A lingering question on gearing if anybody can answer this: How different is the control of travel and rotation if the original board of the 2 rod version is used with any of these upgrades or modifications? i.e. the original has turntable gearing of 10:100 teeth.
My current CAD file has a 16:80 but I can push it bigger, if necessary it is slightly better than the original one. 4>5

I am waiting on my package with the TMC 2209 drivers and the nylon wheels, both are in the country so I hope it is here next or this week.
4 wheels is definitely better! There is a chance that the wubble I see in my footage, is caused by the carriage that is bending due to the strain by the wheels.
So I might beef that up, I have some ideas on this.

I am contemplating using a 20x40 profile or two 20x20 profiles set apart. The slider really needs to be stiffer than anything I'm seeing being applied on the JJRobots version. That includes a wide stance for the wheel plate. I just can't see wheels only 20mm apart resisting much twisting.

A double profile version would be heavier of course but probably something I can live with. 20x20 V-slot extrusion weighs 500g/m so the extra material will add about 350g to my current slider but then take away the original two solid steel 8mm rods. Right now the original version of mine weighs 1500g and yet feels very light.

Gearing - I see the extrusion version STLs of the teeth come to 72:18 and the original is 100:10 so I still can't get my brain around what that difference does to the speed of rotation. I guess as long as the mathematics to keep the camera aimed at the same spot are correct I don't have to concern myself. Trigonometry was never my forté.
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