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My experience with the slider
06-18-2020, 09:03 AM
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RE: My experience with the slider
(06-17-2020 11:48 PM)Charliebrm Wrote:  Hi MisterMaker. I think you are providing a lot of positive direction to getting these units up to par. Thank you.
I can source an assembled 4 wheel carriage plate locally that will make for a sturdy moving base on a 20x20 extrusion. I will still need to print out a new turntable and gear/belt drive assembly so I will be following this thread, hoping STL files come of it.

I have the original 2 rod design and it's on hold until I can figure out this sturdier retrofit.

A lingering question on gearing if anybody can answer this: How different is the control of travel and rotation if the original board of the 2 rod version is used with any of these upgrades or modifications? i.e. the original has turntable gearing of 10:100 teeth.
My current CAD file has a 16:80 but I can push it bigger, if necessary it is slightly better than the original one. 4>5

I am waiting on my package with the TMC 2209 drivers and the nylon wheels, both are in the country so I hope it is here next or this week.
4 wheels is definitely better! There is a chance that the wubble I see in my footage, is caused by the carriage that is bending due to the strain by the wheels.
So I might beef that up, I have some ideas on this.
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