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Slider Protocol Redesign Proposal
05-25-2020, 08:53 AM
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RE: Slider Protocol Redesign Proposal
(05-24-2020 08:12 PM)jojoconley Wrote:  I broke off the pins for stepper 2 on my original board and then the wifi seems to have stopped. After receiving another board and doing a good chunk of the new arduino code I threw together a quick mock up of the app that does allow the joysticks to be used.

Right now the arduino receives commands through udp packets that tell it to either perform a X steps over Y milliseconds for either the linear motion or the pan motion. A queue of events is then used for each stepper independently that will count down the steps for a given event, step the motor and go to the next event if steps remaining is zero.

I have step tracking for each motor, and will add reporting these values back to the app to allow a list of movements be created, stored and then sent. We'll be able to press a record / snapshot button to remember the current position and then string these together to perform more complicated slides.

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