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B-Robot to Segway Conversion
03-16-2020, 12:49 AM
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B-Robot to Segway Conversion
Hi at all, I want to share my idea to create a "Segway-Version" of the B-Robot. Since 2015 I am the owner of a Segway Clone, named Ninebot Elite and since the first day I love nearly every self balancing toy. So wouldn't it be great to have a Wifi/RC controlled little Segway model that we could biuld with the B-Robot hardware?

I'm really thinking so, but unfortunately my CAD skills are not good enough for this. I only can build it with Styrene and so this is not able to share it with all of you. Because of that I hope anybody of you can draw a model in CAD.

I will help with detailed photos and dimensions and prototyp printing and whatever needed. Only for the drawings I need professional help.

Hope I get little bit positive feedback.
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05-31-2020, 08:02 PM
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RE: B-Robot to Segway Conversion
A few weeks later I've learned by myself a lot with FreeCAD software and the result is my first self drawn model. It's not perfect and need also much improvement with PID and raise up and center of gravity. For this I will add a big LEGO man but it takes much time to print all the parts, so I want to show you first prototype. For those who wants to print it too I will add the files later. Maybe I will change the base part.

For this model I've turned the Devia board around 90° clockwise and with the help from the JJrobots admins in my other thread "Turn Devia Board 90°?" it was possible to do this. Thanks a lot and I hope you will help my still ago and in a few days I will send you all my CAD files and the code.

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