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Robot Arm No Longer Connecting
02-05-2020, 12:28 AM
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RE: Robot Arm No Longer Connecting
(02-04-2020 11:32 PM)stefanscott Wrote:  Hi There.

We've made some progress on working with our SCARA arm at the high school, but have run into some trouble as well. Recently we've been unable to connect to the arm at all. We had been doing some work at modifying the Arduino code so that we could provide arm instructions based on RC controller input rather than USB or WIFI, and had a simple system that did something, but our values for ch1, 2, and 3 weren't quite correct. The last time we were able to use the arm we were connected via WIFI so that we could use the serial monitor via usb to observe the values for ch1-3 passed into the message and see how they corresponded to the x,y positions in realtime mode.

Since then, however, we continually get the ERROR - Robot Offline message when trying to activate the robot regardless of port selection in the software, actual port the cable is plugged into, or trying to connect over WIFI. Since our telemetry message system isn't done, we were planning to use the LEAP controller for our school's open house just so that we could easily show it in action and let prospective students interface with it.

We've copied the original unedited Arduino code back to the Devia board, but are still unable to bring the robot arm back to life. When reset, the arm moves through the calibration phase - we just can't connect through the control app. Any ideas why this could be?

Well, if the Pybot goes through the calibration process we can discard a board´s microprocessor fault.

Are you running any other background software while trying to connect to the Arm?

Sometimes you will need to restart the computer as the Python process stays in the computer’s memory even after closing the control APP
Does that solve the problem?

By the way: we have added the option to control the Pybot with a Xbox or Playstation controller in the latest APP release. We will publish it ASAP
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