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Connecting to existing wifi
11-29-2019, 04:22 PM
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Connecting to existing wifi
After getting the new code for b-robot to work I tried to connect to an existing wifi (instead of using the wifi access point from the esp).

First I discovered som typos in the code:
ESPsendCommand(String("AT+CWQAP"), String("OK"), 3);
ESPsendCommand(String("AT+CWMODE=1"), String("OK"), 3);

after the first part of the command a closing ) was missing in each line.

The code now compiles an uploads without any problem. I can see the bot connected to my wifi but I cannot connect with the iOS bRobot app.
After reading I got the impression that using an existing wifi is not possible with the bRobot iOS app because the ip address of the telemetry server cannot be changed.

Is that correct, is it the same with the android app and are there any updates planned for the software to use existing wifi?

Regards, Kai
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