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Introducing the Motorized Camera SLIDER: info + Links
05-08-2018, 10:54 PM
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Introducing the Motorized Camera SLIDER: info + Links
This is a remotely controlled (open source) CAMERA SLIDER with tracking system. Two motors will be in charge of moving a platform where you can attach your smartphone/GOPRO or DSLR camera to and, at the same time, pan it tracking and object.

You just have to let the robot know the location of the object to be filmed and the Arduino will calculate in real time what to do in order to keep the target always in the center of the camera view.

Once the moving platform (with the camera) reaches the end of the rail, it will decelerate and come back to the original position, swinging on and on until you decide to stop it.

Remotely controlled using your smartphone or tablet (WIFI).
The robot can be controlled from your own smartphone/tablet using the freely available APP. You can even control its speed in real time.

Perfect for Time-Lapse videos, to create artistic presentations, to show different point of views during a webcam call/ demonstration video.

-Tracking object capable: learn more here
-Remotely control it using your smartphone/tablet via the free jjRobots APP
-Movement speed variable in real time from the smartphone
-Delayed start (15 sec): get enough time to place your smartphone on the moving platform before it starts to move
-Make it portable: can use regular AA batteries  battery holder (or a 3 cells LIPO battery)
-Suitable for GOPRO/ DSLR/SLR cameras and any smartphone.
-Minimum moving speed: 0.01 mm/sec (perfect for time lapsed videos)
-Open Source / Arduino based: the code, 3D parts and electronics are 100% open. Feel free to modify everything is you need to.

Check out some videos here and how it works here:

This robot uses the same electronics and motors you would need to create the:
Air Hockey Robot
Sphere-O-Bot (eggbot MOD)
B-robot EVO 2
(and more to come...)

Get tired of one robot? Create another just printing the 3D parts!

Everything is modifiable: this is an Arduino based OPEN SOURCE robot

What you need to print:
Print the parts as indicated in the image above.
If you want to just attach a DSLR camera, print:
· Pulley
· Carriage
· MOTOR legs
· Pulley legs
· 10 teeth Gear <- Print it with 100% infill

If you want to use your smartphone or a GOPRO to create videos you will need to print too:
· Adapter SLIDER
. Adapter NUT CAP
. SMARTPHONE/COPRO_Universal_Adapter

Landing page:
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