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Suggestions for B-Robot EVO 3!
04-10-2018, 06:43 AM (This post was last modified: 04-20-2018 11:15 PM by Vaygr.)
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Suggestions for B-Robot EVO 3!

I have been thinking about possible improvements to the current B-Robot EVO 2 kit that i have been playing with and learning a lot already. But i can't help but imagine all the possible amazing things that could be added or changed to make the lovely B-Robot even better and more capable!

Here is a list of things that i personally really want to see implemented into the next version of B-Robot and if you think of anything else, please feel free to reply with your ideas. Tongue

B-Robot EVO 3 suggestions!
  • Add computer vision through OpenCV. That would be the most amazing addition as object tracking or recognition is getting really popular nowadays. Maybe add support for the small and powerful Raspberry Pi camera to stay within the hobbyist/learning/developer arena.
  • Allow replacement of the servo motor with a mini robot arm or grappler. This should be possible with maybe 2 or 3 servos. For example, a small crane or grappler with 3D printed parts could be fixed on top of the B-Robot and used to pick up objects for fun or as a challenge.
  • Do something more with the servo motor than just move the arm back and forth. Maybe use it as a catapult to play a game of B-Robot basketball or American football where the user aims to throw something like a crumpled piece of paper at a target or through a ring. Maybe go even further and design some smart contraption (that could preferably be 3D printed) which would unravel or unfold through the servo rotation.
  • Upgrade from the Arduino Leonardo to a more powerful board, like a Rapsberry Pi for a whole new world of possibilities!
  • Obstacle detection or even better, obstacle avoidance! This could be implemented through computer vision or the classic way, via ultrasonic sensors. It would be extremely helpful if the code was already available so the user would simply have to connect the sensors and the robot's new features would just work! Maybe new 3D robot parts could be already customized for space to fit one or more ultrasonic sensors, such as the cheap and commonly used, HC-SR04.
  • Line following. This could also be done via computer vision. For example, make B-robot race autonomously around a racetrack! Several B-robots could then race alongside each other with parallel lines some distance from each other. It would be a very cool thing to see! The winner would be the one with a lighter or more balanced chassis or more powerful battery, etc. It would be great if this feature was also already implemented in the code. Optionally, the user could connect some IR sensors to activate the line following feature. Not everyone has enough programming experience and some might just want to use the robot for fun or learning about the line following feature among others. One of the most common options is the Sharp 2Y0A21 IR Analog Distance Sensor which can be easily connected to Arduino.
  • A small LCD display to show battery level (and maybe current and other useful info) on the robot itself - this would be very helpful to determine how much running time is left and warning message before the batteries need to be recharged. The display can also be used to display other messages, like the initial calibration phase when the battery is first switched on. And also allow easy customization of the code so that some custom lines can be added to be displayed on the LCD, such as, to say something funny or to personalize the robot by showing its custom name all the time while it's operating.
  • Make the official robot chassis a little bit wider just so that a second servo can be installed without requiring a completely new chassis! It's kinda sad to see B-Robot moving around with only one arm and looking like an amputee. Maybe its backstory could be a war veteran? Undecided The app is already programmed for controlling a second arm, but the biggest limitation is the restrictive chassis that is shipped with the kit. So, even if i have a second servo laying around, i cannot use it without 3D printing a new/wider chassis - this might be even more inconvenient for those who do not have easy access to a 3D printer.
  • Make the robot more interactive; add buzzer (music tones can be played to alert the user when the robot is booting up or when it encounters an obstacle or error, etc) and LEDs to prettify the whole thing but the lights can also be used to signal a change in command or show warnings, for example, the lights can be placed at the front to appear like eyes for the robot and can turn from blue to red when the "PRO" mode is activated in the app. The LED 'eyes' could also blink continuously if the battery level is getting too low, etc.

JJrobots app for B-Robot 3 suggestions!
  • It would be awesome if the computer vision video from the robot's camera could be streamed to the app and displayed on the user's smartphone.
  • Fix the battery indicator in the app to show the percentage or battery level. Right now, it shows nothing. It's just a battery logo.
  • In the settings window, if any of the four parameters (P-Stability, D-Stability, etc) are changed, then switching it back can be a bit annoying to find the 0%, so a RESET button under each parameter would be very welcome!
  • Add settings to disable sound effects and/or vibrations. For example, enable/disable the vibration every time that the "SERVO" button is pressed.
  • Add volume control for sound effects.
  • Allow each SERVO button to serve a dual feature configured by the user; move the arm in one swipe 90 degrees on either side by default or move the arm at various angles by the user swiping across the button, just like for moving the robot.
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