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Stepper motors won't move
02-07-2018, 04:51 AM
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Stepper motors won't move
I can get connection with the inkscape app and move the servo(pen) up and down but I can not get any movement on the steppers when I use the manual tab or if I try to plot. When I enable the steppers on the manual tab neither stepper seems to energize.
I believe i have the steppers hooked up to the shield properly since I am using the same shield on the Makeangelo drawbot, but I could have then screwed up. Any help would be appreciated.
I have an Arduino Leonardo with a Adafruit (MH Electronics) motor shield. I have Ejjduino_Arduino loaded on the Leonardo and I am running inkscape .91 with release 2.4.0 of Eggbot control installed.
Will anyone phelp me with the adafruit motorshield or do I need to order one of your motor shields?
I also have knockoff cnc motor shield that I used for other projects, but they do not have screw terminals and the steppers I have are flying leads

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