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Apps for iOS and Android
01-01-2018, 01:40 AM
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Apps for iOS and Android
I was trying to figure out the state of the different phone apps for controlling the robot.

From what I can tell the options are:
jjrobots: The free Android app publish by jjrobots. It seems to fully control the bbot (and other robots) including the servo arm.

Roverbot: Free iOS app made by a member of the community, drives the bbot fine though it doesn't seem to have a way to control the servo arm (it's written for his own variation of the robot?).

TouchOSC: A ~$5 Android/iOS app that is highly configurable and can be configured to control the bbot (presumably with full functionality). Though it's not clear what the app actually does.

I was wondering if there were sources available for either the jjrobots or Roverbot app? For iOS if the Roverbot is just written for a different version of the bbot it should be straightforward to make it run the servo arm. Also, is there any official repo or docs for the TouchOSC solution? All I could find is the forum thread.
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01-02-2018, 10:58 AM
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RE: Apps for iOS and Android
You have made a good recap of the current status.

For the roverbot source code: you will have to ask the creator (Xuyen) for it . We are working on an iOS version right now but it is a little bit tricky to comply with all the things APPLE requires (beside the annual payment! ). Keep that APP free is going to be...complicated.
TouchOSC: There is info here about how to configure it We know TOUCHOSC is not a free APP but as you have indicated it is quite powerful if you want to create your own layout (for any iOS or Android device)
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