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BRobot Oscillation then fall over
06-24-2017, 05:25 PM
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RE: BRobot Oscillation then fall over
Update: I took out and checked the IMU just with an Uno, and the readings appeared sensible and stable. I also placed it back into the robot and checked the values (DEBUG = 3) through the serial port both with and without the battery pack connected. There didn't appear to be any corrupt data. Replaced the A4988 stepper drivers with a couple of spare ones I had lying around, but that made no difference. Can't think what else to try.

Has anyone else on the forum experienced this? I go through the calibrate procedure, then lift the robot upright. The stepper motors make a whining sound until the robot is stable and upright, which does seem a bit odd. The robot will often stay upright, but the slightest movement will make it rock back and forth until it falls over. Someone out there must know the answer! Please!
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