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Having problems detecting the Arduino?: Checking things
03-20-2017, 09:21 AM (This post was last modified: 03-21-2017 04:07 PM by JJrobots JP.)
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Information Having problems detecting the Arduino?: Checking things
If your computer does not recognise the Arduino Leonardo or the Inkscape is not capable to detect the hardware check all these points:

NOTE: never connect or disconnect anything while the Arduino is connected to any power supply (including USB port).

1) Is the Arduino Leonardo detected by the computer? Check the Device Manager and confirm. Does your Leonardo shows up on any COM port?
Confirm the COM port is not higher than COM 4. If so, change the COM port to COM1 to COM 4 (howto:

2) Are you using the stable version of Inkscape nad Eggbot Control Extension?
We recommend Inkscape Control extension version 2.4.0:
And Inkscape 0.91:

3) Replace the default file for this modified file. That will bypass any hardware identification process.

4) Narrow down any hardware problem:
Disconnect everything from the Arduino Leonardo (Brain Shield + stepper motor drivers) and try to detect the Arduino from the Computer/ Inkscape. If you can, connect again the Brain Shield without the stepper motor drivers, and check again. If you succeed now but did not before, it seems there is a problem with the stepper motors drivers. Connect one by one and recheck you can detect the Arduino Leonardo. Doing so you will figure out which one is not working properly.

NOTE: is the heatsink touching any metallic part on the stepper motor driver top side? Avoid that, it might create a short circuit.

5) Is your computer blocking any comunication to the COM ports? (antivirus, security software...)

6) Did you properly uploaded the code to the Arduino? You will must get a message like this once you have correctly uploaded the code to the Leonardo:

7) Try another USB cable.

8) From the Arduino IDE, open the SERIAL MONITOR and set its communication parameters as indicated below:
[Carriage return, 9600 bauds]
Then, type in the command field: SM,2000,0,-200
This will turn one motor. If you can see it moving, the hardware is OK

9) From the Arduino Official forum: Process to reinstall the Arduino Leonardo Drivers

Make sure your Leonardo is connected to the USB.
From the Device Manager:

1. Uninstall the Arduino Leonardo (COM17), it should disappear.
2. Hit the reset button on the Leonardo
3. When it shows up as Arduino Leonardo (COM18)
4. Quickly try to uninstall that driver.
5. In a few seconds it will then show up again to install driver, but cancel that.
6. If it shows up as Arduino Leonardo with yellow !, uninstall that as well
(at this point you should not see any Arduino listed in Device Manager)
7. Now hit reset on the Leonardo one more time.
8. It should prompt to install driver again.
9. Select "No, not this time"
10. Select "Install from a list or specific location"
11. Browse to your \arduino-1.0.4\drivers
12. Hopefully it should install as Arduino Leonardo bootloader
13. It should again prompt you to install again.
14. Select "No, not this time"
15. Select "Install from a list or specific location"
16. Browse to your \arduino-1.0.4\drivers
17. Hopefully it should install as Arduino Leonardo

10) Are you running the Inkscape as Administrator?: Right click on the Inkscape icon and click on "Run as administrator"

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04-12-2017, 12:01 AM
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RE: Having problems detecting the Arduino?: Checking things
Hello jpedroc,

I just received my "Awesome Robotics Kit" yesterday and am really excited to get printing! Maybe even before Easter!!! We have our eggbot fully constructed but I am having a communication problems with the Arduino Leonardo connecting through the Inkscape Eggbot Extension on my mac. I have been googling around and trying different solutions and saw that your message was recently posted and I thought I would see how things are going. Do you have any updates?

When I try to connect with the Eggbot Extension I get an error that says "Failed to connect to EggBot. :(". A common problem reported by google is the serial port name changes and causes the findPort function to fail. I managed to get around this first problem by adding the following to file:

if EBBport is None:
    for port in comPortsList:
        if port[1].startswith("Arduino"):
            EBBport = port[0] #Success; EBB found by VID/PID match.
            break   #stop searching-- we are done.

Now I see a new dialog box which says "'Eggbot Control' Working, please wait..." but quickly fails again with the now familiar "Failed to connect to EggBot. :(". I think the problem is now in the testport function. I can get it to timeout longer but I am not sure what is causing the core problem. I am also have never debugged python inside of Inkscape so it is taking some time for me to figure out.

Anyway, thanks for your post. I tried the SM,2000,0,-200 command in the Arduino IDE SERIAL MONITOR program but it didn't do anything. I will try to install the Leonardo Drivers next (i just need to find mac instructions or try dusting off my windows machine).
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04-14-2017, 01:40 AM
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RE: Having problems detecting the Arduino?: Checking things

I made some progress (I think) but still not working. I realized I didn't install Eggduio correctly so I grabbed the latest git repo and gave it a try. The code would not compile. I did some googling and needed to make the following changes to the code:
  • In Helper_Function.ino I replaced all instances of "void inline" with "inline void"
  • In Helper_Function.ino I commented out the line //SPMCSR &= ~SELFPRGEN;
These modifications allowed the code to compile in Arduino IDE 1.8.2. Uploading seemed to be successful.

I tried the SM,2000,0,-200 command (with carriage return) and got an "ok" signal but no change in either motor. I also tried running Inskape (With my serial port modification from my previous post). I no longer get the "Failed to connect to EggBot. :(" (Yeah!!) However, Now I don't get any messages. Everything on the Inkscape side seems good but the motors are not doing anything. If I try to start a print the LEDs light up and Inkspace seems to think it is communicating but again no motion.

Now I am a little stuck. Software seemst to be loaded correctly, communication is happening but nothing is moving. Maybe something wrong with the shield? Seems unlikely, it is brand new.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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04-14-2017, 03:59 AM
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RE: Having problems detecting the Arduino?: Checking things
Staying up late and finally got it to work..

End result was this had nothing to do with the original post as I thought. Sorry to spam the thread.

Biggest issue was my power strip was busted and the driver board was not getting any power. I think this cascaded to all types of problems and red herrings. I wonder if there is a way to detect missing power in the software?

Anyways, got it to work and just before Easter. Yea!.
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08-17-2018, 05:30 PM (This post was last modified: 09-11-2018 05:26 PM by ArnyLogan.)
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RE: Having problems detecting the Arduino?: Checking things
Hi...i am a new user here. I have an Arduino UNO R3. I have the same problem mentioned above. I've tried almost all the things mentioned above to fix this problem. One thing that is weird is, the RX TX light stays on sometimes when i connect to my computer. I do not have anything connected to the board. Just trying the get my computer to recognize the connected device. Can anybody think of reasons why this might be happening? It doesn't happen everytime. My computer was recognizing the board one minute and the next it failed and doesn't anymore.

one-stop pcb
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