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Hacking the ESP8266 board
02-02-2017, 09:43 PM
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Hacking the ESP8266 board
If you like to explore things like the ESP8266 board that is in the BRobot then maybe this is some code you might want to try.

The code first gets some information about the board and displays it on the terminal screen. From there you can use it to pass commands directly to the board and get response back from the board.

Armed with the ESP8266 AT commands you can reprogram the board or just see what it can do. Maybe you want it to join your home network so you can send it commands or maybe to other equipment on your network.

The code in the BRobot uses a modified version of the serial interface because the current serial code stop receiving data once it reaches 63 bytes. Any character after that are lost. There code does the opposite in that it continues to receive the data and wipes out the older data.

This can also be corrected by finding the Ringbuffer.h file in the AVR library and changing the ring buffer size to something larger like say 256 bytes instead of the 64.

When you put the BRobot code back onto the robot it should reprogram the ESP8266 back the way it was.


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