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RC control, can't read pwm with pulseIn()?
09-22-2016, 01:47 PM
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RC control, can't read pwm with pulseIn()?
Hi all, great project, very educational.
I built my own brobot from separately sourced components, it's alive, but I haven't figured out the wifi yet.
As a result., and knowing I am more comfortable with a RC controller, I had the thought of just adding a receiver on board and read the pwm output from the RC on D10 and D13 (servos not used yet) for throttle and steering, what could be simpler! I had the setup working outside the brobot sketch, but when I try using pulseIn() to read the pulse width on 10 or 13 it seems to ignore the signal for the RC?
I assume this is due to pulseIn() needing one of the timers that are already in use for the stepper/mpu6050 interactions? Any simple fix here?
I am trying to get a more interesting brobot going for a coworker who is presenting at a tech show this weekend, he has setup a display which showcases arduinos and sensors, this seemed perfect! Unfortunately in it's current state it's just a balancing act, would be nice if I could enable something controllable for him.

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