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iboardbot Server?
04-10-2020, 05:56 PM
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RE: iboardbot Server?
Hi all.

I've had my iBoardBot for awhile now and have been primarily using it in my kitchen with an IFTTT formula to display the weather once a day. My wife really enjoys the functionality but I've always wanted to do more with it.

I decided to write my own server instance and extend the functionality for my specific use case. Here is a screen shot of what my server process produces.

[Image: Weather1.jpg]

The server instance works with the standard firmware with a small change to point the hostname and IP address to a local machine within my house hosting the new server. There are many improvements that I would like to make to the firmware but those will wait for another day. I specifically wanted to be able to switch from my own server to the standard one during development - mostly as a way of debugging my bugs but also to retain compatibility for other folks.

Feel free to grab all the associated code from:


  1. The server supports multiple boards but there is no authentication. My use case is a board (or two) in a local network environment.
  2. The server supports some control verbs so that it can be controlled by any http client. There are very, very simple control plane HTML pages generated by the software directly so you can interact with a web browser but these are really for debugging purposes.
  3. The intent here is that you write some software to schedule and control the server process. The server is not designed to be used as a front-end although this would be pretty easy to support. It just isn't my use case.
  4. The server uses OpenCV for a super simple vectorization of images and freetype-py to support true type fonts. There are some awesome vectorization algorithms out there and I haven't spent any time to incorporate them.
  5. There are tons of extensions to the software that are possible but, for the moment, it does everything that I want it to do. Having said that I usually constantly noodle on these things and will be adding additional functionality over time. Consider this a good v1.0.

If people actually use this, and extend it further, then I'm happy to invest more time in documentation. Smile

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