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wiring for 6050 sensor
11-14-2015, 04:54 PM (This post was last modified: 11-14-2015 05:53 PM by queenidog.)
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RE: wiring for 6050 sensor
(11-14-2015 02:02 PM)queenidog Wrote:  The image showing the wiring of the 6050 sensor to the Arduino shield shows a connection to a 4 pad inline connector, but the shied itself (and the photo of it online) shows 4 pads in a square. Which wires do I use, or are we supposed to reverse engineer it and figure it out?

I have a habit of answering my own posts....

I read the program header and it said the 6050 sensor was connected to the I2C bus...the 4 pin header LEFT of where the diagram indicates it should be. Sure enough the pin names on the header and on the 6050 sensor match up! BAD diagram. I'm trying not to leave a bunch to chance and just "hook it up", so I depend on accurate data.

I want to test sub-functions before I build anything. I have a stepper motor connected, 12V applied to Leonardo, the 6050 is connected. When I raise the 6050 from horizontal, I expected the motor to activate, but it does not. Tried another motor (both were known to be good), didn't work either. They not only do not turn, but have no power to them, ie the motor shaft still spins freely with no resistance. I have a compile with warnings and an upload with warnings, but the Leonardo did accept the upload. When I press reset or do an upload, Servo 2 swings 90 degrees about 6-7 times, then stops. I can't see where Servo2 is given this command, so maybe it's not a programmed feature.

Can someone shed some light on the situation? I was expecting println statements to be printed out on the serial monitor, but there is no information there.

Once again, I find myself submitting questions after some experimentation, but after more experimentation I find my own solution. This is good...I'm learning something.

I found the Debug line where it said it was turned off if DEbug=0. I made it 1. When I uploaded, I saw all kinds of status messages on the serial monitor. If I reset the Leonardo, I don't get the messages, so obviously messaging is only turned on in the setup. (With my PIC MCU and PicBasicPro, I have a single-stepping debugger that runs in the PIC MCU to help troubleshoot code. I can see all variables and registers. I'm so spoiled...)

I SEE angle/error values and as I move the 6050 around, the values change, but still no action on the stepper motor. I figured if I waved the 6050 board around to simulate movement and angle to be correct, I would get a pulse or two to the stepper motor.

I swapped out the two Nema 17 motors and temporarily trying two smaller 5volt steppers from a CD player. Still nothing.

Should I perhaps now try and get the OSC application going to troubleshoot further?
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