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A4988 and NEMA17
08-19-2015, 04:44 PM
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RE: A4988 and NEMA17
Hello Everyone,

Let me add m bit of advice to imbrendino and everyone else that might need.

First of all if you've made a custom build, the problem of the lack of strength may be related to the fact that you have not configured the stepper drives for microstepping.
Microstepping is mandatory for motors to be able to move anything attached to them (even if you only have the wheels attached).

So, as you already might have seen in the Arduino code, the B-Robot assumes 1/16 microstepping by default. This can be changed but what you should retain is that whatever you define in the code (variable microstepping), should be reflected in the A4988 microstepping configuration pins - MS1, MS2 and MS3.
You may refer to the A4988 in the Pololu website to learn more about installation and microstepping configuration.

On the tension/current limitation subject, you might want to follow an informative video (also from Pololu) to learn the procedure here.

By the way you should be fine with 19V on VMOT line, but you need to correctly configure both drivers (VRef) to prevent motor/driver damage.
For your motor the VRef should be around 0.6V on A4988.

Also very important: do not rewire anything in motor drivers when connected to power sources. ALWAYS disconnect power to rewire or change the stepping configuration.

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