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Compil Error
04-27-2020, 01:28 PM
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RE: Compil Error
(04-23-2020 09:55 PM)Stubby Wrote:  I had two compilation errors when I downloaded the JJRobots software and installed it in my Arduino IDE along with the required libraries and Arduino Zero board files.
Both were easily solved by this link: Arduino compilation errors.

I'll summarize here. The first error was the compiler being unable to access the core.h header file, and the second was an upload error. The first fix was to briefly pause my AV (Anti-Virus) scanning, and the second was to right-click on the Arduino IDE desktop when I started so I could run as Administrator. Then I was able to re-compile and upload the Devia Board diagnostic and run it (and watch the LEDs twinkle!), and recompile the Camera Slider code, both without any errors.

Ah... the antivirus... always there blocking ports :-D
It turns out that some software packages like CURA (3d printer slicer) blocks the serial ports too, so if you want to upload the code to the DEVIA you need to close it
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