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10-07-2015, 07:12 AM (This post was last modified: 10-08-2015 07:52 PM by sasa999.)
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HC-SR04 sensor work fine. My servo output was unused because my robot rise up without arm, so, I put sensor on servo and it stay horizontally all time and not affected by robot swing. I make Autobrake function - if you run robot fast, it make very nice looking brake with drift turn at 180 degrees and themselves stopped 10-15cm from wall. If you run robot at moderate speed it stop without turn and drift.
BUT (!) - sensor work fine ONLY in large room without furniture. There is lot of problems if you run fast in room with tables chairs etc. Robot time after time detect distance for break start and it stay jerky, it break or decrease speed time after time and you can't normally drive. You can change detecting distance shorter, but then it will not be able stop at high speed. Also sensor can't detect distance from angled surfaces - if you drive to wall at 45 degrees it cant see it Sad You can put sensor on another servo (horizontal moving) or even put 3 or 5 sensors, but anyway problems in room with furniture. There must be complicated code for recognizing small/tall objects or angled surfaces when robot turning and driving fast, but Leonardo have only 32kB flash memory Sad Now I have erased code for HC-SR04 sensor and voice/sound Wtv020sd16p because I need more space for driving code
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