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X and Y Motors Inactive
02-26-2019, 11:41 PM
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RE: X and Y Motors Inactive
(02-26-2019 05:33 PM)KingZ Wrote:  I just assembled my new iBoardbot and the 2 servos are working but no movement at all from the 2 motors. I have checked my wiring a dozen times. When I first connected to WiFi it showed JJRobots_AE and I programmed the Arduino board and it now shows JJRobots_IBB and when I send a command I hear the lift servo working as if it is printing normally but no sounds from either x or y motors.

I would say the stepper motors drivers are placed wrongly or they are faulty. Otherwise everything should work. If the iboardbot can move the servo that means the Brain shield and Leonardo should be fine. Maybe the stepper motor drivers headers are damaged?
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