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Adafruit Huzzah
09-27-2018, 03:59 AM
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Adafruit Huzzah
I'm trying to make this project, the shield that I've made myself is the one in this image.

Is there the possibility to use the Adafruit Huzzah instead the one that's used in the jjRobots Brain Shield? In the schematic diagram it appears another one, a XBEE-1B1....

If this is possible, how is the wiring? The Huzzah has pins for TX, RX, are they the same of Din/Dout on the Xbee? And the resistors on both pins should be the same?

When the sketch is being sent to the Arduino, the Huzzah must be put in the bootload mode (click Reset button while holding down GPIO0, then 1st release Reset and 2nd release GPIO0)?
This is the standard procedure to upload a program to this board, as shown at the Adafruit website

Any help that you can provide will be very welcome!


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