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New board- can't connect... Solid green light only
06-15-2018, 12:13 PM (This post was last modified: 06-16-2018 01:43 AM by techyg.)
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RE: New board- can't connect... Solid green light only
(06-15-2018 09:03 AM)JohnQ Wrote:  Check the end of the assembly guide here: (My iBoardbot is now drawing or wiping the glass correctly. What is going on? )
There are photos of the servos set in the right place. If you move the iboardbot, they can get loose and you may need to re-adjust them again

Thanks. The wiper is now resting on the whiteboard, and the lifter servo is slightly angled raising it. However, when I go to print something, the eraser stays on the board, and the marker sometimes makes contact, and sometimes doesn't. Erasing seems to work fine. Every now and then it will make a letter, but sometimes it will get smudged or erased. Most of the time it just "air prints". I checked the marker and it is completely seated, almost touching the whiteboard during standby... Any other suggestions?

The eraser is not moving out of the way all the time. It mostly stays but sometimes it moves, and allows it to print a letter, but for the most part it is staying on the board...

It looks like it may be a servo issue. Sometimes the wiper moves out of the way, other times it just stays in erase mode. I see the board light up every time it's supposed to change the servo position. I may have to try a different servo.

I took the eraser out of the equation (removed the arm) and the writing seems to work, except it creates drag lines, and the lifter arm keeps wanting to hit against the assembly. I also noticed that the servo is making a grinding noise- it seems like it is way off in terms of calibration, even though it is at rest like the picture. The range of motion seems like it's about 90 degrees off where it should be, if it is supposed to have a full 180 without hitting anything.

I started a new thread for my servo issue, since the original issue is solved with the firmware.
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