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Replacing the brain shield v3.1 (Devia)
03-08-2018, 01:20 AM
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Replacing the brain shield v3.1 (Devia)

I am a student and i purchased the B-ROBOT EVO 2 Kit as a learning tool. I want to add several features (line following and ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection for autonomous operation) to the robot at a later stage, but first, i would like to better understand the latest brain shield 3.1 by replacing it with commonly available components.

Quote:This SHIELD has:
* TWO stepper motor OUTPUTs
* I2C communications
* Push button (customisable)
* SENSOR port (SONAR, IR…)
* ESP12-E (ESP8266) WIFI module (you can communicate to this SHIELD from any smartphone/tablet/PC using it)

So, i would like to use an Arduino UNO R3 - is that possible or should i use the Leonardo? and then connect four L298N to drive the 2 stepper motors and 2 servo motors. I found the schematic for the brain shield in another post which i have attached here for convenience but i can't really understand what to do. I don't mind building the entire circuit as long as i can understand (and then explain to my teacher!) what's going on inside the complex brain shield.

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.pdf  Schematic Brain Shield.pdf (Size: 100.95 KB / Downloads: 124)
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