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Possible MPU Problem
12-23-2017, 07:15 PM
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RE: Possible MPU Problem
(12-20-2017 04:23 PM)JLeether Wrote:  
(12-20-2017 04:13 PM)JJrobots JP Wrote:  Ok, thanks for the feedback.
It is... unlikely. But, yes, can happen. We are currently testing the new board with the integrated IMU. It will take some time before releasing it.
Do you want us to you a cable replacement? If so, let us know at:

Nah, don't go to that trouble for a stubby wiring harness. I appreciate the offer, but I can definitely fabricate something that will work. The robot works fantastic otherwise.

I'm still not convinced there's a broken wire either. There's just something unique about the route of that wire that's causing something to lose connection...somewhere. Even when I do get it to fire up with that connector, the slightest bump sends it into a frenzy. I may just try shortening it a touch so it doesn't touch the top cover, but will still route in a nice, clean arc.

We're using the B-Robot and the Sphere-o-bot for a local TV news spotlight our makerspace is doing on Arduino controlled robots. The Arduino jumpers will get the job long enough for us to get through that. I see an iBoardBot in our future. Keeping an eye on the Blimpduino and that 3D display, too. We set up a table at public events to drive membership and our summer programs. The robots are always winners a the booth.

Please have a look at your Arduino female connector strips (IO-femal headers and so). At my Leonardo board I had seen many faulty soldered joints. I had to scrape and clean every single one and then to solder again. Cold solder joints can make nasty problems.
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