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Troubleshooting please help
10-08-2017, 07:42 PM
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Troubleshooting please help
So this is my first attempt at anything robotic.. so please consider that. I've assembled the robot, and may have a myriad of problems.

When I switch on the Brobot, the IMU seems to syn up, I get the shaky wheels and servo movement, but the robot will not balance, and the wheels will spins and make a lot of noise. Initially I thought I may have the steppers connected wrong to the shield and drivers, (and that still be the case). I'm using a Nema 17HS4401 for the steppers.

I believe I have them wired correct, but I'm not 100% sure (Attached images). But the biggest question I have is how to debug the IMU/arduino.

I've read the info on these forums, and on the assembly guide, and I understand how to change the debug value, but then what? Do I assemble the robot and turn it on again? OR do I connect it to the Aurduino app and run the Code? Then where do i get the information from the debug? Is it through the Aurduino IDE? is it saved as a log file in a directory in my Arduino folders?

I really appreciate any help, I would really like to be successful with this robot..and learn a thing or two especially about debugging!!

Thanks in advance


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