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Running Parallel ino Files?
04-03-2017, 10:05 PM
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Running Parallel ino Files?

I have seen several Github folders and there are many projects, like B-Robot, that post multiple .ino files. My question is, does arduino run multiple .ino files in parallel (simultaneously) or do I have to compile the entire algorithm on one .ino file...

If it does, how do you associate the separate .ino files into the same application and how do you do that from the arduino IDE?

If you need a variable that's generated from one .ino file, how do you access in another .ino file. I have programmed object oriented before using C# and Unity. The way to access variables from another file was to declare global and create an instance inside the file that's trying to access the other class's functions or variables. Does arduino sketch allow for this type of access and how to combine files into the same project?

Thank you.
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