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Various Tuning Questions
03-29-2017, 09:54 PM
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RE: Various Tuning Questions
Question1: Yes the app is developed only for landscape configuration. You need to use your device on landscape mode.
We have not tested on all android devices, but on most android >= 5.1 version usually works well. On same devices it works better because the camera driver implements some usefull functions like the manual ISO control that let us take a better control of the camera.
Question2: You should put the puck or robot color exactly on the center cross(inside the circle) and the app capture this color value. We have tested that this often fail (the color is out of specs) and the actual version of the app doesnt store this parameter properly. Now is recommended to use the default colors. We are working right now on the next version of the app that will solve this issue.
Question 3: Sometimes the robot doesn´t attack the puck specially when the puck is near a wall or near the robot max extent. (or behind the robot). You could modify the arduino code to make more agressive, now is a bit conservative

In manual mode the robot limits it´s acceleration a bit lower than in autonomous mode. This is because if the robot stepper motors loss steps in manual mode, the robot could not recover this situation. In normal autonomous mode, the robot could correct for missing steps on the motor using the smartphone camera. Anyway you should adjust your stepper drivers in order to use all the motor power.
The "initial move button" makes a predefined pattern that is only usefull to know if the robot miss steps (usually because the robot doesn´t run smooth or the drivers are not correctly adjusted). Stop posutino= start position, as I remember... no
You should notice that you need to put the robot on the "home" position at start (middle on x, and minimun on y)

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