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Having problems detecting the Arduino?: Checking things
04-12-2017, 12:01 AM
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RE: Having problems detecting the Arduino?: Checking things
Hello jpedroc,

I just received my "Awesome Robotics Kit" yesterday and am really excited to get printing! Maybe even before Easter!!! We have our eggbot fully constructed but I am having a communication problems with the Arduino Leonardo connecting through the Inkscape Eggbot Extension on my mac. I have been googling around and trying different solutions and saw that your message was recently posted and I thought I would see how things are going. Do you have any updates?

When I try to connect with the Eggbot Extension I get an error that says "Failed to connect to EggBot. :(". A common problem reported by google is the serial port name changes and causes the findPort function to fail. I managed to get around this first problem by adding the following to file:

if EBBport is None:
    for port in comPortsList:
        if port[1].startswith("Arduino"):
            EBBport = port[0] #Success; EBB found by VID/PID match.
            break   #stop searching-- we are done.

Now I see a new dialog box which says "'Eggbot Control' Working, please wait..." but quickly fails again with the now familiar "Failed to connect to EggBot. :(". I think the problem is now in the testport function. I can get it to timeout longer but I am not sure what is causing the core problem. I am also have never debugged python inside of Inkscape so it is taking some time for me to figure out.

Anyway, thanks for your post. I tried the SM,2000,0,-200 command in the Arduino IDE SERIAL MONITOR program but it didn't do anything. I will try to install the Leonardo Drivers next (i just need to find mac instructions or try dusting off my windows machine).
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