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B-Robot EVO2 Off-Road completed
02-05-2018, 03:08 AM (This post was last modified: 02-05-2018 03:11 AM by nikola-wan.)
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RE: B-Robot EVO2 Off-Road completed
I made some progress on getting PID values displayed on BROBOT OSC page2, but still cannot figure out why the battery voltage label and fader3 on my OSC page1 do not update. I have added serial print statements just before I execute the OSCMsgSend commands - and once in a blue moon the label has updated, even though this code is executed every three seconds for battery telemetry.

First attachment is screenshot from my iPhone6 of page1 with a fader instead of rotary for the battery level indicator.


Second attachment is screenshot of page2 with PID value labels that track the fader inputs.


I have temporarily added floating point support to my Arduino libraries so I could use formatted print statements to debug the binary OSC messages. I will have to uninstall the IDE, delete those library folders and reinstall, then start from the github BROBOT EVO2 and just add the changes I made. Same goes for the OSC edited screens.

As I ran my off-road EVO2 and switched between page1 to page2 to edit the PID values, I can see that sometimes the PID fader and even the speed and steering faders on page1 send incorrect values - or the code is missing some of the messages.[attachment=273]
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