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One wheel not turning - twinclouds - 05-17-2019 03:41 AM

I have three B-Robot variations (Leonardo/Brain Shield, Pro Micro, and ESP32) and they all work so far. However, today, the one with Leonard/Brain Shield stopped working after I tried modifying the D value in the PID controller. One wheel turns fine but the other one just stuck there. It does not turn. When I turn it by hand, it just like locked there. I uploaded the unmodified version, it still didn't work. Can anybody let me know what could have happened?
One more question, when I upload the sketch file, what should the "Programmer" item in the tools menu should show? It first showed as "AVRISP mkll". Was that correct? or does it matter?

I recompile and reloaded the sketch. It works now. Sorry for the confusion.