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Problem with turns - PANYTA - 02-08-2019 04:53 AM

I made EVO2 on ATmega128.

Remade pins for ATmega128.
Renamed timers (TIMSK3 -> ETIMSK and TIMSK1 -> TIMSK).
Adjusted MODE PARAMETERS a little.

Everything works.
Costs, balances, goes under control of OSC forward and back.

But there is a problem with turns.
At advance or back correctly turns.
And at a zero speed (turn on the place) "shivers".
And even falls if to increase turn (steering).


Problem definitely not in OSC. As I checked so:
// The steering part from the user is injected directly to the output
//control_output = 3;
steering = 5;
motor1 = control_output + steering;
motor2 = control_output - steering;