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To all air hockey enthusiast - AdamMan - 01-14-2019 03:49 PM

I want to surprise my kid for his birthday with an air hockey table. Now, he is turning 7 in a month, so this year is a big year for him and since he really wanted an air hockey table for Christmas, but didn't get it, I want to give him one now.
I am thinking about the tabletop air hockey table because he is 7 and he really doesn't need a big table. Also, this way he can see if he likes the game or not before we invest in something big.
So, I looked at some tabletops and I like the one made by Playcraft. What do you think about it? It has a simple design, looks sturdy and to me, it looks like it is really made for kids.

RE: To all air hockey enthusiast - adam80989 - 02-05-2019 04:00 PM

I would like to give best wishes for your kid. I think Playcraft is good but you should also check other best one at which has already got positive customer's reviews at https://airhockeytablereviews.com/