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Modern MacOS setup - rauls4 - 01-10-2017 03:15 PM

The documentation for setting this up on a Mac is outdated.

This is what I discovered to get this to work with macOS Sierra on a 2016 MacBookPro:

-Programming the Arduino Leonardo using the Arduino IDE will fail. Using Arduino 1.8.1 for MacOS global search for ALL instances of void inline and change them to inline void

-You can have any version of XQuartz, I just updated to the latest one

-You HAVE to use an ancient version of Inkscape: 0.48.5. This is hard to get, as the links for legacy versions on the Inkscape main site are broken. I was able to find it:


click on the file icon to download.

- You have to use the EggBot 2.4.0 DMG installer:


With all this in place, you should be able to control your Sphere-O-Bot.

Now, I need to calibrate this thing!