Metal Composite Panel Realize Optimal Allocation Of Material Resources

The Metal Composite Panel is a composite material formed by metallurgical bonding of metals with different properties on the interface by various composite technologies. Through appropriate material selection and reasonable structural design, the metal composite panel can greatly improve the thermal expansion, strength, toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical properties, magnetic properties and many other properties of a single metal material.

The common metal composite panel includes titanium steel composite panels, copper steel composite panels, titanium zinc composite panels, titanium nickel composite panels, nickel steel composite panels, copper aluminum composite panels, nickel-copper composite panels, etc.

Metal composite panel material technology can give full play to the respective advantages of component materials, realize the optimal allocation of component material resources, save precious metal materials, and realize the performance requirements that cannot be met by a single metal. Take stainless steel-steel composite panel for pressure vessels as an example, common carbon steel (Q245R, Q345R, etc.) used for base layer has good mechanical properties, and stainless steel (304, 316L, etc.) used for multiple layers have good corrosion resistance. The two are usually welded together by the explosion, only a few millimetres of expensive stainless steel is needed, thus greatly saving cost and hardly changing various mechanical properties of the base material. It can not only replace imports and fill the domestic gap but also has a wide range of applications and good economic and social benefits.

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