Select The Appropriate Crate Mould According To Your Own Requirements

When some users develop products or trial-produce new products, they usually only pay attention to product research and development at the initial stage, ignoring the communication with the production unit of Crate Mould . Don't just look at the price, but consider the quality, cycle and service in all aspects.

1. There are many kinds of moulds, which can be roughly divided into ten categories. According to different requirements of parts data, physical and chemical functions, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life, economy, etc., different types of moulds are selected for forming.

2. High-precision moulds need to be processed by high-precision numerical control machine tools, and the raw materials and forming process of moulds have strict requirements. CAD/CAE/CAM mould skills should also be used for planning and analysis.

3. Because some parts have special requirements during moulding, the mould still needs to use advanced technologies such as warm channel, gas-assisted moulding, nitrogen cylinder, etc.

4. The manufacturer shall have numerical control, electric spark, wire cutting machine and numerical control profiling milling equipment, high-precision grinding machine, high-precision three-coordinate measuring instrument, computer planning and related software, etc.

5. In general, large stamping dies (such as automobile cover parts dies) should consider whether the machine tool has edge pressing organization, even edge lubricant, multi-station step-in, etc. Besides stamping tonnage, stamping times, feeding equipment, machine tools and die protection equipment should also be considered.

6. The above-mentioned mould making methods and techniques are not possessed and mastered by every enterprise. When selecting a cooperative manufacturer, one must understand its processing capability, not only depending on hardware equipment, but also combining management level, processing experience and skill strength.

7. For the same set of moulds, there is sometimes a big gap between quotations from different manufacturers. You should not pay more than the cost of the mould, nor should you pay less than the cost of the mould.

Ordering a set of moulds with much lower quotation would be a laborious start. Users must start from their own requirements and comprehensively measure.

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