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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Has Good Sound Insulation And Heat Insulation Properties

In our decoration construction, we usually use solid materials as the main materials. With people's innovation in building materials, Aluminum Honeycomb Panel has gradually entered people's vision. What are the advantages of aluminum honeycomb panel compared with solid materials?

1. Heat insulation and heat insulation performance: The aluminum honeycomb panel itself does not have sound insulation and heat insulation performance, but the honeycomb sandwich structure has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance. In the sandwich of the commonly used honeycomb sandwich structure, the volume of solid material is small, and the rest space is air in a sealed state. As the sound insulation and heat insulation performance of air are better than any solid material, the heat maximum and sound wave propagation are greatly limited, so the aluminum honeycomb panel has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance.

2. Good high-temperature performance: For example, aluminum alloy, when the temperature is 400 degrees Celsius, its elastic modulus drops to almost zero, and its strength also drops significantly. However, the honeycomb structure with carbon fibre panel and aluminum alloy sandwich has basically no change in elastic modulus and strength at 400 degrees Celsius.

3. Anti-vibration performance: The natural frequency of the structure is proportional to the square root of the specific modulus of the material in addition to its shape. An aluminum slotted socket panel and a solid material panel with the same rigidity have relatively high natural frequency due to their small mass, thus avoiding early damage caused by resonance during operation. In addition, there is also a relatively large vibration absorption capacity between the core material and the panel.

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Aluminum Magnet Wire Is Increasingly Used In Various Related Professions

Aluminum Magnet Wire refers to the magnet wire with aluminum as the core, which is used to make insulated wires for coils or windings in electrical products. Also called winding wire. It is necessary for magnet wire to meet the requirements of various applications and manufacturing processes. The former includes its shape, specification, ability to work at high temperature for a short time and a long time, as well as acceptance of intense oscillation in some occasions and centrifugal force at high speed, resistance to corona and breakdown under high voltage, resistance to chemical corrosion under special atmosphere, etc. The latter includes the requirements of stretching, twisting and abrasion during winding and embedding, swelling and erosion during dipping and drying.

Aluminum magnet wire can be classified according to their basic composition, conductive wire core and electrically insulating layer. Generally, it is divided into aluminum core enameled wire, aluminum core wrapped wire, aluminum core enameled wrapped wire and inorganic insulated wire according to the insulation material and manufacturing method used for the electrical insulation layer.

The aluminum magnet wire is prepared by coating the conductor with corresponding paint solution, evaporating the solvent, curing the paint film, and cooling. The enameled wire can be divided into polyester enameled wire, polyester imide enameled wire, polyamide-imide enameled wire, polyimide enameled wire, polyester imide/polyamide-imide enameled wire, corona resistant enameled wire, oily paint, acetal paint, polyester enameled wire, etc. according to the insulation paint used. Sometimes it is also classified according to the particularity of its use, such as self-adhesive enameled wire, cryogen-resistant enameled wire, etc.

Inorganic insulation wire for aluminum electromagnetic wire: when the heat resistance level exceeds the limit of organic materials, inorganic insulation paint is generally selected for coating. Existing inorganic insulation wires can be further divided into glass film wires, oxide film wires, ceramic wires, etc.

Because the use of aluminum electromagnetic wire is increasingly widespread and the requirements are increasingly strict, composite enameled wires have also been developed. The inner and outer paint films are made of different polymer materials, such as polyesterimide/polyamideimide enameled wire. Therefore, aluminum magnet wires are increasingly used in various related professions, and the industrial position of aluminum magnet wires cannot be replaced.

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