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The Installation Cost Of The Signage Aluminum Composite Panel Is Lower

Advantages of signage aluminum composite:

(1) Lightweight. The Signage Aluminum Composite Panel weighs only 16kg per square meter, which is equivalent to 6mm thick glass and only 1/5 of the weight of stone with the same thickness.

(2) Impact resistance. The impact strength is 10 times greater than that of granite with a thickness of 3mm, and the whole block will not be broken after impact, only a part of the impact will be broken. After 120 cycles of the acid freeze-thaw test (-25~50 degrees Celsius), the strength will not be reduced, and it is a good decorative material for high-rise buildings.

(3) Easy installation. This product is extremely convenient to install and can be installed in advance according to customer requirements. Generally, no large installation equipment is required. At a lower level, it can be completed with simple tools. This product is suitable for the installation of the combined unit curtain wall. As the weight of the material is greatly reduced, the common adhesive can be conveniently fixed on the wall, the installation is simple, the auxiliary material is less, the time and labour are saved, and the installation cost is reduced.

Signage aluminum composite are generally suitable for exterior wall hanging panels of building curtain walls, interior decoration projects, billboards, shipboard buildings, aviation manufacturing, interior partitions and commodity display stands, commercial transport vehicles and container truck bodies, buses, trains, subways and rail transit vehicles.

ALUBANG was certified with ISO9001 in Quality Management Systems, ISO14001 in Environmental Management Systems, OHSAS18001 for Occupational Health and Safety certification. ALUBANG is the industry standard and national standard drafting unit for aluminum composite panels, aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum corrugated panels and aluminum solid products.

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Notes on The Use of Enameled Copper Wire

The paint remover for Enameled Copper Wire is mainly used to remove the paint from the copper wire. As long as the enameled copper wire is put into the paint remover for 0.5 to 1 second, and then naturally dried in the air for 20 to 30 seconds, the paint will fall off, thus the removal speed is very fast. Lacquer remover for enameled wire is a milky and sticky object, which has no corrosivity to the copper wire itself and has a small smell. It can be used centering and safely, but there are also many problems needing attention when using enamel remover for enameled wire.

Application of Paint Remover for Enameled Copper Wire

1. The enameled wire is immersed in the enameled wire stripping tank for 5 seconds to 1 minute (according to the temperature resistance level of the enameled wire). The enameled wire is taken out and placed in the air for the natural reaction. The insulation layer of the enameled wire will naturally swell and peel off in about 20 seconds. If necessary, the enameled layer can be coated with cloth or rubber gloves to improve power. After the paint film falls, the film and residual paint remover shall be washed clean with water in time.

2. It is recommended to soak enameled wires with a temperature resistance of 180 degrees or more for a long time (10 minutes or more). After the paint film falls, the paint film and residual paint remover shall be washed clean with water in time.

Use Precautions

1. Enameled wire paint remover need not be diluted, direct use of the stock solution, when operating to wear a hat, mask, latex gloves, gently take slow operation, to prevent liquid splash into the eyes or skin, if accidentally splashed, to timely wash with a lot of water and go to a doctor.

2. Paint remover should be fully stirred before use, and slowly poured into the paint removal tank.

3. For enameled wires and small objects with disordered structure and shape, they can be directly soaked in the paint removal tank, left standing for about 1 minute and taken out. The bright bottom layer can be exposed after being prevented for about 30 seconds in the air.

4. For larger objects, the paint can be removed by alteration.

5. The specific time of paint removal shall be determined according to the thickness and quality of the paint, and the operator shall determine the time of paint removal according to the specific situation.

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