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Looks really great.
Where can I find your arduino sketch so I can see the values you use?
(09-04-2016 09:18 PM)citronium Wrote: [ -> ][quote='WPLAW' pid='2141' dateline='1472656503']

Thanks for the great contribution.

I am using KomX's firmware from this thread.

To this project with Wemos board, Could you upload the arduino code, please?
Very impressive work on this. How do you get the robot to raise up without an arm?
Roverbot V2

Roverbot V2

Quite impressive Xuyen! Would you like to share the project details? What kind of camera are you using? Is it mounted on top of a servo?
I use raspberry camera and open cv to tracking object

Added streaming video
Awesome robot.
Adding a camera that connected to another phone would be great.
That's an awesome project! It's really cool that you keep upgrading it. Maybe you could provide some schematics or pin configurations to help the rest of us? I really hope that you consider uploading all your work on GITHUB to make it easier to follow your hardware upgrades and new software (Arduino sketches and Android/iOS apps) versions. Smile
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