Full Version: Stepper motors reversed?
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I constructed a B-Robot from a kit and it seems like the steppers are reversed. When switched on, and I leave it alone to calibrate, the arm will wag, but when picking it up the wheels don't run the right way to stand it up. It drags itself out of grasp and falls back down.

So I tried holding it and tilting it around and the direction that the wheels spin while reacting to tilting seem opposite to what you'd want for it to stand up.

I checked stepper polarity and the stepper motor driver chips. Any ideas?

I swapped the wires for the left and right drive motors. It was able to stand up, and drive around, pretty cool. However forward was backward and left was right.
hi! We are curious about this. Is the IMU placed backwards? (rotated 180ยบ)
Could you please attach a photo? Are you using the JJrobots Google play APP?:

So, right now you are crossing the motor cables?
Sorry deleted
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