Full Version: No response at all suddenly?
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suddenly my iBoardbot does not work anymore... When I plug it in the servo of the wiper reacts with a small reaction but the orange light is then continuously lit without blinking. Can't reconnect it with wifi (I just don't see it appear in my WiFi settings, no reaction on text that I send. After the wiper reaction there is nothing that even moves a bit.

EDIT: I unplugged everything now and try to connect only the Leonardo to the computer...no response at all unfortunately (the green and orange LED lit and stays that way until I press on the RESET button on the Leonardo...then the orange LED goes off and stays off) The computer does not make a sound that something is connected when I plug in the Leonardo.
Download the Arduino program and see if that no Connect is possible.
That was the first thing I've done but thanks for your input
Sander, try to disconnect the Brain Shield from the Leonardo and plug the Leonardo to the computer. Doing this we can discard if the Brain Shield is damaged.
If the computer does not recognise the Leonardo, we know what the problem is: The Arduino.
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