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my iBoardbot isn't drawing correctly. I tried readjusting the belts, but I can't seem to get it right. The images also seem to be drawn below the reach of the eraser, so the bottom part stays unerased.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Can you make a picture of the complete iBoardBot? maybe it's something upside down etc.
[attachment=110][attachment=108][attachment=109]Here are some more pictures. Thanks again.
Looks like there is a friction issue. Does the drawing header (with the marker) move freely? (remove the belt to check this).
If so, force the drawing header manually to go up and down until you feel there is no friction or it is almost gone and set the belt again.
After that, draw manually a pattern of inclined lines in zig zag. Or "8" figures.

Tell us if the problem persists.
The problem still persists. In fact it seems getting worse. Even writing, which was perfectly centered and in line at the beginning, starts to shift and is no longer aligned in line.
I'll post some pictures later
[attachment=111]Here a new picture.
Any ideas?
(06-01-2016 04:08 PM)Korbinian Wrote: [ -> ]Here a new picture.
Any ideas?

It looks like is getting worse, doesn´t it? The minions were, more or less, ok. But that text...
So, discarding the tension on the belts... and seeing that the problem is on the Y axis
Try this:
Looks like the Y axis motor do not have enough power to move the drawing header.
You can increase its power adjusting the A4988 stepper motor driver (red modules) just rotating these screws CLOCKWISE:
[Image: 43.jpg]
Same image of the stepper motor driver (in this case a BLUE one):
[Image: A4988-adjusment1.jpg]
BUT JUST A LITTLE, only 30º or so. After the adjustment, try to write any text again.

NOTE:the stepper motor driver in charge of moving the Drawing Header is the one on the left on this image:
[Image: connection-scheme.png]
So. After some tinkering, the robot is working fine. I increased the voltage as described and tightened the belt. In the process I broke the fixture for the motor. This was replaced and everything tightened again. And now it is working.
Thank you everyone.
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