Full Version: [FIXED] Problems erasing/wiping the board
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I love the iBoardbot! Too much fun!
The only issue I seem to have is related to the wiping/erasing of the board.
I had the premium kit, so a lot of it was pre-assembled, but it didn't seem like the wiper was doing a good job as only a small part of it actually touched the gals. I adjusted it as much as I can, but especially towards the bottom half of the surface, it still isn't able to complexity erase the previous drawing.

Is there any possibility to simply change the distance that it moves between wiping rows? I am sure that would make it more efficient in erasing the board, even if it would take slightly longer to do so.

Or is there anything else I can do to get it to erase the board completely?

You might need to adjust Configuration.h

#define SERVO1_PAINT 1800
#define SERVO1_ERASER 1080

I think these 2 settings control the eraser position, but only one way to find out. ^^
Attach a photo of the current orientation of your eraser. That will help (and another of how the wiper is erasing the board now).
Sometimes is a little tricky to set the wiper correctly
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