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(12-13-2016 12:11 PM)KomX Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-06-2016 04:42 PM)rolfz Wrote: [ -> ]I currently just have one issue, which is that when starting the robot on a stand (free running wheels), I see the wheels getting 25khz pulses until suddenly it starts to balance. Angle conversion works fine, so it must be something during initialisation. Do you have any idea what it could be ? Also I was wondering if you posted your code on Git which would make it much simpler to copy and to update.
Harness the GitHub... (see the first report)
He made small changes.
Thanks !!
Good evening and greetings of Merry Christmas,
I have a problem with esp12e in practice I can not boot.
can someone explain the procedure and how to put the pin?
greetings and thanks
ESP 12E minimum connections,

GPIO0 with 10k to VCC (3v3)
GPIO15 with 10k to GND
RST with 10k to VCC
CH_PD with 10k to VCC

RST and CH_PD should have an internal pull-up so the important connections are GPIO0 and GPIO15

Reason of this connections:
GPIO15 LOW=boot from flash or UART
GPIO15 HIGH= boot from SD CARD if any
GPIO0 LOW = boot from UART (FLASH ESP)
GPIO0 HIGH = boot from FLASH memory

for schematics, check this http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server800/a8...1440459474
hope this helps.... Merry Xmas
I can not load the code, despite having made the above configuration, I have the following errors:

Lo sketch usa 245.217 byte (23%) dello spazio disponibile per i programmi. Il massimo è 1.044.464 byte.
Le variabili globali usano 32.968 byte (40%) di memoria dinamica, lasciando altri 48.952 byte liberi per le variabili locali. Il massimo è 81.920 byte.
warning: espcomm_sync failed
error: espcomm_open failed
error: espcomm_upload_mem failed
error: espcomm_upload_mem failed
What board did you select in the Arduino env ? you need to use NodeMCU 1.0 or WEMOS D1 R2.

If you have only a ESP 12E, you need to have a push button on GPIO0 and hold it down to 0V to initiate bootloading (before powering-up) after power is on, you can release the GPIO0 push-button.

To run the code, just reset the circuit with GPIO0 pulled-up to VCC
I only esp12 and I performed all the procedures that you described.
I put on ide nodemcu1.0, esp generic, etc. but without any success
(12-25-2016 06:38 PM)vlelectronic Wrote: [ -> ]I only esp12 and I performed all the procedures that you described.
I put on ide nodemcu1.0, esp generic, etc. but without any success

Beautiful you get the board.

I just do not understand that for semiconductor devices you have connected to GPIO0 and GPIO16. They do not interfere with the work unit?

When working with modules DRV8825 who Enable-pins pulled down, an additional resistor is not necessary for GPIO15. A4988 module requires an additional pull-down resistor. You did not install the resistor on the board.

Why would you want to use nodemcu?
Hello Komx,
Use esp12e, I put two circuits with resistor and zener diode in 3v3 for SRHC04. Regarding gpio15 resistance I put a 10k pulldown do not see that in the picture.
My problem is that I can not program the esp, I did what I wrote Rolfz, but I can not program it.
You can give some advice.
Immediately stop experimenting with this board!
You burn ESP-12!
You A4988 logic powered from 5 volts! Modify the board that is powered from the 3.3 volt logic.
Quiet, the card is set for 5V and 3v3, just put the bridge as shown by now, I was wrong figure.
However I food a4988 in 3v3, MPU6050 to 5v and sonar to 5v.
The esp is not burned, because if I put it in nodemcu board works.
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