Full Version: Power for BB-Robot
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I'm new to Arduino and shields. Do I apply power to the shield (there is a 5 volt regulator on board and it says Vin), or to the Arduino Leonardo?

I did the former since it was easier and blew up a capacitor, not sure which one because there are no markings on the board. Do you have a parts placement diagram so I can replace it (likely with a BIG capacitor, since I have no SMD).
Dear queenidog.
To tell how you destroyed your Board is not necessary to create a lot of topics
There is an image that indicates how to connect the power supply here:

Connect it directly to the Leonardo PCB
I replaced the capacitor I blew up with a tantalum cap and all is working fine.

Another project I made had the power going into a screw-terminal connector on the motor driver board, and then powering the Arduino Uno through bus pins. The barrel connector on the Uno was NOT used. I thought this was the same thing. It made sense because battery holders don't normally come with barrel connectors, only bare wires to hook up to screw terminal.

I powered mine using Vin on the shield without any trouble ...

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