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Hello to all,
I wanted to know if when I press "ZERO" the slides touch osc you bring in a neutral position or remain where they are.
greetings VL
Can anyone tell me if when I hit zero the slides go to zero
greetings VL

The slides stay where they are when you hit "zero"

Hi I have a problem, the robot tends to go forward, but sometimes it works perfectly.
What can be? IMU cables are shielded.
regards Vito
Look for angle_adjusted values in Debug mode. Maybe MPU6050 is not horizontal..
when in debug mode read 0, the robot is moved to 6-7gradi, the MPU6050 is horizontal.
Before it worked well after some editing was busted, but I put the original firmware and it does not work, or the robot goes forward.bv
To find what is wrong try check together angle_adjusted, fadder1 and throttle values through Serial.print(). Values must be 0, 0.5 and 0 for robot vertical position.
Is robot moves forward when no connection to OSC (mobile phone) too? And after restart too?
For test you can add some correction angle like this - angle_adjusted = dmpGetPhi() - your error angle; and look what happens.
Why sometimes it works and sometimes not?
start the robot has to be horizontal or at any location?
greetings VL
(10-11-2015 02:29 PM)vlelectronic Wrote: [ -> ]when in debug mode read 0, the robot is moved to 6-7gradi, the MPU6050 is horizontal.

Turn the robot upside down. Print it, relying on wheels, like a normal pendulum. To axis of one of the wheels attach a conventional plummet. If the vertical axis of the side of the robot does not coincide with the plumb thread, then balance the internal contents of the robot. Typically, a small movement of the battery back and forth enough.
Hello to all,
I always have the problem with the balance that is not in balance, I put, as he says sasa999, -9 degrees which is the angle of my error, but I notice that the controls do not respond well when steering the robot before making a wheel ahead and a back but after a stop, and after a 'little falls.
Anyone can help me?
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