Full Version: Two was completed thanks to you!
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:)By virtue of the great planning of the B-ROBOT, 2 units of Leonardo and Pro Micro is now complete.

The sorry let in only the home page Japanese!


by vsr_Paradise from Osaka Japan
I was changed to control with a single finger using the xy Pad.Smile
We realized only by a little modify the sketch and the library.
However, the pad is unable to return to center when you release your finger!Sad

by vsr_Paradise From Osaka Japan.

JJROBOTS_OSC.cpp : Change row

185 Before fadder1 = 0.5;
  After   xy1_y = 0.5;
186 Before fadder2 = 0.5;
  After   xy1_x = 0.5;

BROBOT.ino : Change row

38 add to // xy1:x=Steering,Y=Throttle OSC message: /1/xy1

375 Before OSC.fadder1 = 0.5;
After   OSC.xy1_y = 0.5;
376 Before OSC.fadder2 = 0.5;
After   OSC.xy1_x = 0.5;
387 Before Kp_user = KP * 2 * OSC.fadder1;
  After  Kp_user = KP * 2 * OSC.xy1_y;
389 Before Kd_user = KD * 2 * OSC.fadder2;
After   Kd_user = KD * 2 * OSC.xy1_x;
417 Before OSC.fadder1 = 0.5;
  After OSC.xy1_y = 0.5;
428 Before OSC.fadder2 = 0.5;
After  OSC.xy1_x = 0.5;

734 Before if ((OSC.fadder1 > 0.45) && (OSC.fadder1 < 0.55))
  After  if ((OSC.xy1_y > 0.45) && (OSC.xy1_y < 0.55))
737 Before throttle = (OSC.fadder1 - 0.5) * max_throttle;
After throttle = (OSC.xy1_y - 0.5) * max_throttle;
739 Before steering = OSC.fadder2 - 0.5;
After  steering = OSC.xy1_x - 0.5;

866 Before OSC.fadder1 = 0.5;
  After  OSC.xy1_y = 0.5;
867 Before OSC.fadder2 = 0.5;
  After  OSC.xy1_x = 0.5;
Thank you for this! Quite handy!
CLUE: There is a way to control the Brobot using a Xbox360 controller via OTG cable :-D

I am always grateful to you.

It is this controller is also good!
I can connect directly joystick to ESP-8266, looking for ways to control without a smart phone.
Thank you. Good luck to everyone who loves the BROBOT!
by vsr_Paradise Osaka Japan.
Everyone, hello.
B-Robot mini was made using a little small motor of 39mm.
It's very little with 350mA, so the use electric current is slightly smaller than last time.
Battery NB-10L for canon digital cameras was used.
You can play for more than 30 minutes by NB-10L:7.4V 920mAh.
by vsr_Paradise from Osaka Japan.

Very nice. Do you use a4988 drivers. Do you use any step-up booster to increase voltage. At the end battery is only 6.5-7V. In specification a4988 need 8V+
Hello Mr. sasaSmile
I'm getting to the stimulation your wonderful D-Robot.
All my B-Robot does not use the booster circuit only with the camera battery, but I ran around cheerfully.

Thank you. Mr. sasa
by vsr_Paradise from Osaka Japan.
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