Full Version: Steppers won't run without USB
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My Robot is no longer working properly. When hooked up to a battery, the brain shield appears to power up. The WiFiBee connects and the Leonardo appears to be powered, but the stepper motors will not turn.

If I plug the USB plug into the Leonardo and THEN plug in the battery, the stepper motors WILL turn.

I checked the voltage coming off of the 7805 voltage regulator and it is giving me high voltages between 5.8 and 6.8 volts if the USB is not plugged in. If I start the power up procedure with the USB plugged in and then plugging in the battery, the voltage from that 7805 is 5 Volts.

I tried swapping the 7805 for another that I have lying around and it has the same problem, so I think the 7805 is good.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
HI Gamike,
Sounds weird.
Can you connect to the WIFI?
There are to ways to power up the Brain Shield, using the Leonardo Vin connector and the B-robot Shield Vin. Try both. What is the voltage of the battery you are currently using?
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