Full Version: Issue: B-robot without Wifi
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We uploaded the Arduino code provided onto the Leonardo and used two stepper motors, which I think are the right ones (they are NEMA 17s), the motor drivers are DRV 8825. The problem is that when we ran the code it got stuck at initializing the stepper motors. There is no error message. The sketch just doesn't get past the "initializing steppers" part of the code. Do you have any idea what's going on?

We plan to run the robot without a WiFi board at first-- just to try to get it to stand still, and then give it a pre- programmed cycle. We thought that after that we could go straight to self-control with a distance sensor... Maybe the Arduino sketch isn't completing because it's supposed to have Wi-Fi hardware attached to the circuit, or just be connected to Wi-Fi? We are also using two 5 packs of 1.5 V rechargeable batteries, instead of one 8 pack of regular alkaline batteries. Is this okay?

Thank you for your help. Our robotics club is really looking forward to getting this to work.

Hi Claire,
Could you provide more info about your B-robot?
What IMU are you using? Any wheel movement? Are you following these steps?

1) Download the code from github
2) Upload it using ARDUINO IDE
3) Mount the B-robot Brain SHIELD+ Stepper motors driver + WIFI module+ Arduino LEONARDO all together
4) Lay down the B-robot in a static horizontal position in order to let it calibrate itself
5) Once self-calibrated, B-robot will move its wheels a little.
6) Time to stand up!

I recommend to put some "print" commands in the Arduino code as "progress flags" in order to know where exactly you are. This will help you to debug your code:
Serial.println("I have reached this point of the code:10")

We didn't get a WiFi module. Can we get the B Robot to work without WiFi?

The IMU is this product:


We got it to work-- when you move it around you see the values changing on the Arduino Serial Monitor, and it also drives a visual representation with Processing, like in this video.


If we have to order Wi Fi modules, will this one work?

There is also no motor movement whatsoever. I'll try uploading a picture of the layout so you can get a better look
I'm sorry, I couldn't upload a picture. It looks like I have all the hardware except the WiFi module. Is it possible for me to build the B Robot using the components I have, without the WiFi module?
(06-27-2015 05:31 AM)Claire Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible for me to build the B Robot using the components I have, without the WiFi module?
Claire, try to add some photos so we can get an idea.
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