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Hello everyone,
I built the robot and molded parts, made the connections as described in the drawing, sketching loaded but the robot has some strange movements, does not remain in balance, or the wheels turn only in one direction at the same time, what can I do? thanks
Hi, doktorairbus. The information you provide is not enough. Add the information from the monitor COM port or enable debug mode 1 (look at the sketch line #define DEBUG 0 and change the 0 to 1).
If you pick up the robot and tilt it to the left or right side start the wheels turn? I suspect that the accelerometer is oriented incorrectly.
Ho, i have Tried to move accelerometer in on sense and in the other but noting, today try to enable debug mode.
ok guy, i think to found a problem, the stepper motor!!! i tied with 2 other step and all ok, there are a Value o Vref for stepper motor? how many volts measure from screw to GND?
(06-12-2015 05:08 PM)KomX Wrote: [ -> ]See

Tnx, any little problem, on the iphone the command for turn is inverted, when i slide on right the robot turn left and vice versa.
The problem is not the inversion command. Specify the behavior of the robot while moving forward or backward. If he performs the commands correctly, you corny mixed up motors.
Just do not change with their places, and reconnect them.
hello, I have to invert the wires only green and blue right?
(06-13-2015 07:21 AM)doctorairbus Wrote: [ -> ]hello, I have to invert the wires only green and blue right?

I'm sorry, it's hard to help you catch bugs, if you do not describe the reaction of the robot on the team and the external action. Colour code stepper motor terminals from different manufacturers vary. If you want quick relief? Describes in detail the problem.
Ok, if i slide control to right on iPhone the robot turn left and vice versa
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